Workbook: Change Your World From The Inside Out

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This 60-day personal development journal is your invitation to take a deeper dive into understanding your personal human design using contemplation, reflection, and creative exercises. Throughout the 100 pages you will find daily, weekly, and monthly prompts designed to help you get curious about living true to your energetic makeup and become more empowered to live as you are meant to live - not as others have imposed on you.

Let Rachel Walt, Speech-Language Pathologist and Reiki Master, guide you through this personal development experience by:

  • tracking how you operate in alignment using your authority, strategy, profile, and all the other parts of your design;
  • clarifying how societal, cultural, familial conditioning, and/or pressure may be influencing your decision-making; and
  • shedding layers of shame so you lean into understanding and freedom.

As the 60-day experience unfolds, you are encouraged to use the open spaces in the human design workbook as your home base to capture ideas and inspiration you find from other sources. The more curious you allow yourself to be - the more transformative the experience will become.