Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Craftingood's HQ are located in Davidson, NC. This land has been the native land of the resilient Catawba Nation for thousands of years.

"Early counts of the Catawba people made by Spanish explorers estimated the population of the tribe at the time as between 15,000-25,000. After settlers arrived in the area, two rounds of smallpox decimated the tribe’s numbers, and by the early 1800’s, our once large group was down to under 100 citizens.

The Catawba people have endured many changes throughout the years and learned to adapt and evolve with their new surroundings. Traditionally, Catawba communities were matriarchal societies. Catawba women were seen as dominant centers of their communities. Sally New River, the granddaughter of King Hagler, was a landowner that leased land to the Scotch-Irish settlers that were moving into the area. This was unheard of during this period.

The Catawba have learned to survive through the changes around them while also continuing to preserve the most essential parts of our culture. Today, the Catawba citizenship is diverse. We have over 3000 enrolled tribal citizens and continue to grow. We live throughout the United States and have citizens outside of the country, though the majority live on or near our reservation lands.

Our citizens come from many backgrounds and have an array of skills to enhance the labor force. The Catawba still recognize the reservation as their homelands and feel connected to the ancestors that preserved our Nation by living there and passing the land down from generation to generation."

Taken from the Catawba Indian Nation at


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