• Changing the World From the Inside Out

    Pillars of a Modern Motherhood Revolution
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Changing the World From the Inside Out

Changing the World from the Inside Out

Changing the World From the Inside Out

Changing the World From the Inside Out

A Modern Motherhood Revolution

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Experiencing a Creative & Empowerment Renaissance through 1:1 Coaching- A Client Testimonial


Empowering high-achievers like you to give yourself what you need to step into your self-worth and follow your desires.

Coaching Experiences

Compassion Toolkits

Kindness Activities

Mindfulness at Home

Reiki Sessions

Human Design

Create Your Radically Compassionate Lifestyle As Only YOU Can

Craftingood supports you to make that life you just envisioned more possible. 

We do that through a range of offerings and experiences that empower your wellbeing. Our work always starts with our holistic health practice, which delivers coaching and support to give caregivers a space to identify and own their authentic selves. We know that awareness and intention have the power to move some big mountains - like how you care for yourself, how you serve your family, and how you support your community. 


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Giving yourself radical compassion and celebrating your diversity to be able to live equitably and raise the next generation to seek justice.

Living The Inspirational Life She Craved Through 1:1 Coaching- A Client Testimonial

Craftingood and Brownicity Antiracist Kids lessons, learning, craft, community and support raising inclusive and kind kids

Craftngood Anti-Racist Kids with Brownicity!

The courses and toolkits are curated by Brownicity's artist and educators to support natural curiosity, spark exploration, and inspire engagement! Toolkits are packed full of support; 1 or 5 lessons, activities, books, skin tone craft, prints to display, resource list and MORE!


A Relatable Support You Can Trust

"Rachel's energy lights up any room and will put a smile on your face! She is constantly learning and growing in her craft of energy work and truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She shows such compassion during your session with her, but continues to support and educate you afterwards. I loved her teaching me about my Human Design chart and it's helped me immensely! Thank you Rachel for all of your help!" - Melissa B.

Work With Rachel

Craftingood Welcomes All

If you have a financial hardship, have a disability, language other than English, or any circumstance with which you may need assistance, please contact us.