• Your Partner in Creating a Compassionate Lifestyle

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Your Partner in Creating a Compassionate Lifestyle

Custom Systems of Compassion in Your Family

Tools to Serve & Support your Community.


Use Your Creativity To Give Generosly

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Holistic Health Coaching

Wellbeing Treatments

Custom Compassion Toolkits

Kindness Activities

Mindfulness at Home

Reiki Sessions

Create Compassionate Families As Only YOU Can

Craftingood supports you to make that life you just envisioned more possible. 

We do that through a range of offerings and experiences that empower your wellbeing. Our work always starts with our holistic health practice, which delivers coaching and support to give caregivers a space to identify and own their authentic selves. We know that awareness and intention have the power to move some big mountains - like how you care for yourself, how you serve your family, and how you support your community. 


Work With Rachel

Notes From Our Community

" I am impressed with how thoughtful and impactful each of these activities is and how they help to teach children to reach out and act when others have a need- people different from them, who have different needs, from them - not just our friends and family. "

Ashley Soderlund, PhD, Mom, & Founder of Nurture and Thrive

TEDx Charlotte

Our founder, Rachel Hatteberg Walt, is a Speaker Finalist for TEDX Charlotte 2022!

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Check Out Our Bookshop!

We are Craftingood READERS and benefitting independent booksellers all around the US through our Bookshop! We have books for adults and kids to support you and your family in your journey to live compassionately, authentically, and equitably.


Craftingood Welcomes All

If you have a financial hardship, have a disability, language other than English, or any circumstance with which you may need assistance, please contact us.