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Craftingood Crafts for Compassionate Lifestyles


Craftingood started as a way to keep my three young kids entertained while teaching them what it means to be a compassionate human. 

Like them, it’s only gotten bigger. 

My roles as a mom, a wife, a working professional, and a community member have shown me that children are best served by caregivers who care first for themselves. Who can be not only teachers but also examples (albeit human and imperfect ones) of what it looks like to live a creative, compassionate, and whole life. 

These roles have also shown me that figuring just out how to do that isn’t always easy. 

That is our mission now. Craftingood is here to bring into sharper focus and bold existence the picture you have of creativity and holistic wellness in your life. 

Craftingood’s personalized coaching and supportive community empowers moms and caregivers to own their worth and act on their creative instincts. Because that is where authenticity lives. And because mommas who live big, juicy, creative, compassionate, and authentic lives build families and communities of people that do the same.



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Rachel Hatteberg Walt