ACTIVATE- Energy Mentorship on Voxer

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Our ACTIVATE Mentorship Program:

Through the use of prioritizing your own wellbeing in your unique way, you will go from overwhelmed, anxious, and disconnected to feeling empowered, peaceful, and purposeful- and Rachel will help empower you the whole way!

Are you feeling like you know you want to be more compassionate to yourself, your family, and give more to your community but just don't have the resources, time, energetic capacity, or patience? 

This mentorship is for YOU!

Be the parent you know you can be. Embody the traits you wish to teach your kids, have fun, tap into your creativity, align your energy and serve your community with ease. 


  1. Audit of your wellbeing and establish personal goals (1 mo)
  2. Receive real time feedback suggestions for strategies to use and exercises for exceeding your goals
  3. Create a lifestyle that flows with your authenticity and creativity (1 mo)


This is perfect for high achieving parents that are ready to create and execute the plan for the life they know is possible through program structure like ...

*2 face to face meetings- one at the beginning of the term and one at the end

*Google Drive Folder with resources

*1:1 VOXER talking and responding access m-f 10-4

Voxer Coaching per Week for 3 Months

Being the change you wish to see in the world. 

If this is you: 

1. Order your sessions

2. Rachel will email you to schedule your initial and ending sessions and introduce you to the program

4. You will have fun in an approachable, compassionate and authentic environment and empower yourself to take the actions you need to prioritize your wellbeing, change and strengthen your mindset, and spread ripples of compassion in your family and community through your self-compassion. 

*Face to Face Sessions are Via Zoom or through COVID safe, socially distant, masked- or vaxed face-to-face hourly sessions.

As a health coach, Reiki Master, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for almost 15 years, Rachel has the professional skills to pair with her experience and purpose of helping guilty, burned-out moms like her find their creativity, light, and flow again. 

 Rachel uses an intuitive and compassionate approach to coaching and care. She utilizes tools like Reiki, sound, essential oils, journaling, meditation, energy balancing exercises, art, service, gratitude, kindness, and nature to support you in overflowing with generosity and creativity for yourself, your family, and your community. 

 *Holistic Health Mentorship and Reiki Healing is not a replacement for medical care. Please consult your physician for any change in your nutrition, exercise, or mental health practices.