ABOUND (6 Month Coaching Experience)

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Through the BIG MAGIC of aligning your mindset and actions with your unique energetic profile called your Human Design, you will go from friction to flow. You will be more steadily equipped to ride the waves of overwhelm, distraction and anxiety and return to feeling empowered, peaceful, and purposeful again- and Rachel will support you the whole way! No more comparison-itis. No more forcing yourself to do things in the way you "should" do them. AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

 Embody the traits you wish to teach your kids & your clients. Be courageous and claim your authority with the specificity you need to make the impact you set out to make. Revolutionize your approach.  Serve your community with ease. Be the leader you know you can be.

The ABOUND Package is 1:1 Coaching Sessions per Week for 6 Months

This holistic, 6 month ABOUND container for YOU, magical mama! This package brings your energy to the community and world to make a long lasting legacy in the way only you can! Level up your lifestyle and your business. Get out of your comfort zone- out of old patterns and habits, and bring that big juicy creative project into the world!! Want to start a new business? Hire a new employee? Ask for a new promotion or role? Write a new book? Start in art? Establish a new store? Found a new nonprofit? Or any other, conscious organization? This is the perfect package for you!

1. Get your mind/body right and ensure your level up is aligned- Human Design chart introduction and integration 

2. Focus on creativity- how to tap into flow and get clear on your goal 

3. Aligned action- creating structure

Bespoke support that will bring you to the potent energetic alignment that you have been looking for. Strengthen your energetic foundations to ensure longevity and success and JOY.

This is perfect for High Achieving moms that want to hop on this mom revolution change and totally transform their life leaning into healing, balancing and PUSHING the boundaries for what is possible.

*Human Design Chart for you and each team member or family member if you have one

*Toolkit including book and energetic balancing tools

*3, 60-minute Reiki sessions in place of coaching sessions option *Google Folder with resources and reports

*Coaching report after each session

*Voxer Access to Rachel throughout program m-f 10-4


If this is you: 

1. Order your session(s)

2. Rachel will email you to schedule your session(s)

3. Each session is for 1 hour. You will participate in the evaluation of your current status, goals and co-create an individualized plan to ensure your goals are met. 

4. You will have fun in an approachable, compassionate and authentic environment and empower yourself to take the actions you need to prioritize your wellbeing, change and strengthen your mindset, and spread ripples of compassion in your family and community through your self-compassion. 

*Via Zoom or through COVID safe, socially distant, masked- or vaxed face-to-face hourly sessions. 

As a health coach, Reiki practitioner, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for almost 15 years, Rachel has the professional skills to pair with her experience and purpose of helping guilty, burned-out moms like her find their creativity, light, and flow again. 

Rachel uses an intuitive and compassionate approach to coaching and care. She utilizes tools like Reiki, sound, essential oils, journaling, meditation, energy balancing exercises, art, service, gratitude, kindness, and nature to support you in overflowing with generosity and creativity for yourself, your family, and your community. 


 *Holistic Health Coaching and Reiki Healing is not a replacement for medical care. Please consult your physician for any change in your nutrition, exercise, or mental health practices.