Practical Energy Organizing Foundations Guide - Digital Download

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You have begun to realize that there is more to wellbeing than eating what the gurus tell you to eat and moving your body in the ways they tell you to move. You have tried all their tricks and nothing is bringing you the wellbeing you seek, and know intuitively you have the potential to express. There is more to well-being than exercise and calorie intake.

This is the first phase of Craftingood's Practical Magic Method to energetic alignment! It is the Practical part- the necessary part to create the MAGIC in your life. 

This 5 Week, 16 Page Guide will help you create a strong foundation of change and MAGIC to change the world from the inside out. Resources like time trackers and energy audits, contemplation exercises and more included!



Week 1- Look at your schedule and commitments see if they reflects your goals, and desires.

Week 2- Make a plan to decline commitments that don't align and an exit strategy for things on your schedule that don't need to be there. Start to organize your physical space too- pick your highest pain point place

Week 3- Take an inventory of what means most to you. Establish your authentic code, vision, life mission.

Week 4- Set your intentions for your life using the authentic code. Make clear goals with clear deadlines and write out small steps to get you there. Create habits reflecting your future self- make them easy.

Week 5- Get curious about blocks. What might stop you from meeting your goals? Limiting beliefs? Shadow feelings of low self worth? NOW YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO THE MAGIC!