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Headshot with Chrissy Winchester
Learn more about Rachel, our Founder and mother of three. 
" I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel through SkillPop and instantly liked her. Through getting to spend more time with her, I learned of her business, Kind P.O.D.S.  I was totally blown away by the thought and creativity that went into each box, and the concept can’t be beat- kindness and awareness, sustainability and eco-conscious. It was totally up my alley. I was so excited to partner with her to do a photoshoot and share her story!" Chrissy Winchester
Macaroni Kid Lake Norman Interview With Craftingood
" Have you ever wondered how to teach your little ones about those in need but know they are not old enough to volunteer. Or maybe you can't get to the next kids' event. You find yourself torn. You had this idea before children that you would teach them about different cultures, how to give back and be very involved in helping those in need. Now as a mom, often your only goal is getting your child to take a nap. Rachel recognizes that." Julie Young