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Headshot with Chrissy Winchester
Learn more about Rachel, our Founder and mother of three. 
" I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel through SkillPop and instantly liked her. Through getting to spend more time with her, I learned of her business, Kind P.O.D.S.  I was totally blown away by the thought and creativity that went into each box, and the concept can’t be beat- kindness and awareness, sustainability and eco-conscious. It was totally up my alley. I was so excited to partner with her to do a photoshoot and share her story!" Chrissy Winchester
Macaroni Kid Lake Norman Interview With Craftingood
" Have you ever wondered how to teach your little ones about those in need but know they are not old enough to volunteer. Or maybe you can't get to the next kids' event. You find yourself torn. You had this idea before children that you would teach them about different cultures, how to give back and be very involved in helping those in need. Now as a mom, often your only goal is getting your child to take a nap. Rachel recognizes that." Julie Young
Nurture and Thrive Positive Parenting Mindful Parenting Blog
By Rachel Hatteberg Walt in collaboration with Ashley Soderlund, PhD
" As a mom of three kids under 4 years old, I care about many things when it comes to raising them well. Parenting can feel overwhelming, and when it does, I simplify my approach by going back to these three concepts; kindness, compassion and inclusion, and empathy. " 
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Read Write THink with Renee Diverse Books Authors of Color

Your shelves may hold wonderful books like Last Stop on Market StreetHave You Filled a Bucket Today?We’re All Wonders or Be Kind if you understand the usefulness of teaching social-emotional skills while cuddling during reading time. 

There are a number of heart growing stories that present themes of gratitude, kindness and compassion that are told by authors of color and those that are speaking with their #ownvoice, representing their specific diverse group, too!

green book
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Read WRite Think with Renee Raising Global Citizens Podcast
"Together, we discuss in this episode the importance of supporting the children in our lives to cultivate the spirit of gratitude which in return inspires a heart of generosity, compassion, and kindness. Rachel gives us the tools we can do this not only in the holiday season, but extend it throughout the entire year. We can use our talents and creativity to Craft Some Good for others! "
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self care for teachers blog with read write think with renee and craftingood
" Rachel’s work inspires each of us to use our creativity to have fun, cultivate compassion for ourselves, and in return, our families, and our communities both locally and globally. Her mission is to help each of us raise up global citizens while busting the myth of self-care. Rachel and I recently had a physically distanced coffee date (of course). I asked Rachel to share with me (and you) a few of her thoughts, listen in…"
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