We have partnered with great nonprofits and social enterprises to ripple kindness across the world! Here are some of our previous collaborations: 

Safe Alliance 

Safe Alliance works with domestic violence clients to leave unsafe situations and provide safe accommodations and other necessary items for daily living

Just One Africa

Just One Africa has many programs that improve quality of life, communities and economies by working with local leaders and governments. 

The following overarching strategies form the basis for Just One’s programs:

  • Operational Support – Providing resources for operational support of our Kenyan partners. This may involve monthly support that covers expenses for running the schools and orphanages, as well as for food and housing expenses. Our goal is for each of these partners to become sustainable and thus only needed for the near future.
  • Education – Investing in improving the infrastructure of African Rural Schools that provide education to vulnerable children. In addition, we intend to transform communities through sponsoring the education of vulnerable children.
  • Sustainable Projects – Expanding our investment in sustainable projects in the communities serving vulnerable children. This may include school buildings, housing, farming, small businesses, and other projects that will provide sustainable growth.
  • Clean Water – Distributing water filter kits to communities that do not have access to clean water. Each of these filters provides clean water for up to 25 people and will last for many years.  Prior to the filter distributions, we provide hygiene and sanitation training (WASH) to all recipients and often to whole communities.

Pencils Of Promise

Pencils Of Promise is a 100% modeled, sustainable organization that builds schools, supports teachers and gives access to education all over the world by working with local leaders and governments. 

"Through our programs in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, POP is changing what a learning experience can be for a child anywhere in the world"


Beautiful Creations Rwanda

Beautiful Creations Rwanda is a social enterprise that sells fair trade bee products. Their program is sustainable and supports families in Rwanda by providing jobs and improving their economy. 

**We were able to purchase candle making kits and ship them to the US by the gracious HUG grant we received from Charlotte Is Creative ! Be on the lookout for our 2019 Holiday Box that ships in time for Christmas- or sign up for our Quarterly Subscription or Prepaid Yearly Subscription before the cutoff date!!