2020 Impact Report


 2020 Impact Report for Craftingood


Because of your purchases and support we were able to make the following ripples in the world. We are SO GRATEFUL for all that you do!!
  • $120 donation supported the equity initiatives of the nonprofit, The Conscious Child
  • Proceeds were given to Direct Relief for disaster support all over the world 
  • Because of your purchases, 50 trees planted in Australia and Appalachia through One Tree Planted
  • $120 supported the mission of Brownicity to educate and support people moving towards dismantling racism in themselves and their communities(including our ounder, rachel)
  • 10 Masks were distributed to health care workers across the US
  • 30 People in nursing homes or front line workers smiled because of your nature placemats
  • 40 people were warmer because of your handiwork making scarves for those in need
  • Through Craftingood support of Child Fund International, Dozens of chickens were distributed to families, allowing them to have a reliable source of nutrition and extra income for other needs like their children’s education and health care. Even the chicken manure can be used to fertilize crops. And trees and vegetable seeds- helps families and kids nourish and support communities. 
  • 100% of the money for your Thistle farms bug spray goes towards  the women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction, and the survivors of the Rwandan genocide.
  • 130 peoples days were made by receiving the keychains you created
  • Noah’s Ark Artisans in India received clean water, sanitation, education, healthcare and infrastructure 
  • 4 talented authors of color were able to be paid for their work through bulk purchases of their engaging books
  • Your purchase directly supported artisans and k-6 school in Guatemala living in high crime urban areas.
  • You were Craftingood and telling everyone what you want to be when you grow up through your purchases of our new merch line!
  • 240 plastic bags were saved by distributing reusable produce bags 
  • 140 books by authors of color were able to reach new families all over the country
  • Me3 Project’s mission of changing our society’s perception of black boys was supported 
  • Around 100 encouraging bookmarks were created and caused smiles on readers all over the United States 
  • Your purchases assisted Australian Fire relief and Heart for lebanon after the explosion
  • Almost 150 seed tags were planted and bags of litter were collected to beautify communities
  • Moms were supported through our Back To School Blessing Event
  • Almost 50 families bonded by enjoying meaningful conversations and reflections through using their Dinner Table Conversation Placemats that spark kindness ripples in their communities 
  • Close to 30 people celebrated the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. at our Davidson Playhouse event 
  • Over 200 burlap bags were repurposed, recycled and reused instead of ending up in the landfill. 
  • Our Bookshop was created to help you to create a diverse and quality bookshelf


  • Debuted 5 new products

So much gratitude for you!!!


Rachel, Founder


 2020 Impact Report for Craftingood