Coaching Experiences

Are you exhausted of mothering in this sacrificial,  intensive style of modern parenting- where achievement, accolades, and keeping up with the Jones' reign supreme?

Are you feeling stuck because you want to raise kind kids but don't have the time, patience, or emotional availability to prioritize compassion and walk the talk?  

This coaching is for YOU!

Through the use of prioritizing your own wellbeing, you will go from overwhelmed, anxious, and disconnected to feeling empowered, peaceful, and purposeful- and Rachel will help empower you the whole way!

Are you feeling like you know you want to be more compassionate to yourself, your family, and give more to your community but just don't have the resources, time, emotional capacity, or patience?  

This coaching is for YOU!

 Be the mom you know you can be. Embody the traits you wish to teach your kids, have fun, tap into your creativity, and serve your community with ease. 

Jennifer was able to make bold moves and prioritize her wellbeing through the use of finding her creativity again! She transformed herself and created a life that she feels good in!

If this is you: 

1. CELEBRATE! Because this your first step to prioritizing your wellbeing- you are worth it!!

2.. Order your session(s)- add to cart and hit buy!!

3. Rachel will email you to schedule your session(s)

4.. Each session is for 1 hour. You will participate in the evaluation of your current status looking at 6 parts of wellbeing and through your Human Design chart, goals, and co-create an individualized plan to ensure your goals are met. 

5. You will have fun in an approachable, compassionate and authentic environment and empower yourself to take the actions you need to prioritize your wellbeing, change and strengthen your mindset, and spread ripples of compassion in your family and community through your self-compassion. 


*Via Zoom or through COVID safe, socially distant, masked face-to-face hourly sessions.


Keri was able to live her "Live the Coffee Cup" dreams and prioritize self care resulting in better relationships, higher self worth and ease with the demands of motherhood and life!





As a health coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for almost 25 years, Rachel has the professional skills to pair with her experience and purpose of helping guilty, burned-out moms like her find their creativity, light, and flow again.

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