Last year at this time, I read the book Wintering by Katherine May. The author took me with her through her difficult times- like when a family member deals with a serious illness and when she was diagnosed with Autism as an adult. 
We all have those times of despair and grief that can bring us to our knees. It is like winter, where we get down to the basics, retreating and breaking us up- creating us a new slate. Just like those times, the season of winter also leaves nature bare. But under the surface, under the snow, the bitter cold, miracles are happening- out of sight- but still preparing the fruit and flowers to bloom in the spring. 
Our modern world is not set up for wintering. We often hide our pain and live in shame for our human condition. We also resist rest and retreat and the BEING part because so often we are praised for grinding and being busy, productive. But, as Katherine points out “For plants and animals, winter is part of the job. The same is true for humans.”  
Following winter's cues is also a valuable practice and concept to model to our children. Pointing them towards natural cycles and rhythms, brining them in on our rituals and traditions give them a sense of security and grounding. 
All of this to say- like last winter, I am going to be intentional about taking time to rest, retreat, and sync with the cycles of nature. I am going to be contemplating my year, shadows, wins, decisions and looking forward planning goals for 2022- personally and with Craftingood. I am going to be present with my family. I am going to commune with nature and get back to the basics. 
Thank you for giving me this space and time so I can show up for you in my most authentic, shiniest way in 2022!! 
As far as logistics go- that means I will not be on social media or answering emails daily. When you place your order from today (12.22.21) until Monday (1.3.2022), your order will be fulfilled the first week of January. If you need my attention before 1.3.2021, please go through the contact form on 
I encourage you to join me in giving yourself space to contemplate, grieve, love on yourself, get back to nature- and do something because it brings you JOY!! 
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