When we operate in flow with the seasons we feel more comfortable, grounded and in alignment. Winter reminds me of planting the seeds. Spring reminds me of the nourishing and growth of the seeds. Summer, the enjoying and harvesting of the plants and Fall, the pruning, dying and rebirth, ready for the next phase of the garden. 
Spring might bring you feelings of hope, excitement, or clearing- it definitely has brought those feelings to me! In my family's life it looks like doing an edit of our things and sending those off to our local donation organizations. Cleaning, refreshing our physical environment inside and out- new paint and new gardens. Celebrations like birthdays and coming together to support one another on new journeys. This season has us planning for the rest of the year's trips and creating new systems on how to better show up individually and as a family. 
I'm not one for in-process stage:) Don't get me wrong- I'm an organized gal so I realize how important systems are because they are what we default to. I just much prefer getting to the end, the bounty, the harvest. The beautiful, aromatic flower instead of the water, waiting, fertilizing. The connection, the joy on the trips, the healing, the impact. Surely Im not alone right?!! But I have to remind myself that without the growing phase of Spring, I wouldn't get to the beautiful flower. 
You and your family's impact in this world is the same. That is why I restructured Craftingood in this way. Changing the world from the inside out requires a seed of self-compassion planted in Winter.  Nourishing an environment of compassion in your family in Spring. Sharing the bounty of the fruits of your family's love in your community during the Summer and then the world in the Fall before the pruning and dying off begins for the next phase of your impact. 
How do you and your family want to BE in the world?
Try syncing with the seasons with us!

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