“Sisu will get you even through granite,” has been said by the Finnish. ⁣

Sisu means strength, perseverance in something that seems impossible to undertake. This characteristic is a point of pride in Finland. Grit, y’all.⁣

Both of my grandmas, whose inspirations flow through this company showed what “Sisu” looks like to me as I grew up.⁣

We have all seen grass and flowers growing“through the granite”, or in this case, bricks. But, today in the park, it struck me a little differently. Hey if those little guys can do it- so can we!!⁣

I don’t know who needs to hear this(echem - me) but, YOU ARE UNIQUELY POSITIONED TO DO THE THING!⁣

Founding a company and raising 3 kids 4 and under is thrilling!! But, just like anything that matters, it can feel a bit like being “stuck in the bricks at times”. Push through a little and then feel the pressure of the “bricks”.⁣

So- if you are feeling a little “squeezed”, look for the grass through the granite or bricks and know that the Sisu is in YOU! ⁣


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