Real or Fake?

Tree farm

Real or Fake? What’s your family’s tradition? 🎄⁣

We have been trying to be more mindful about our choices with everything- so the idea of a better eco choice came up when decorating for the holidays this year.🌍⁣

There are opinions everywhere from all over the spectrum but here are some of the points we considered:⁣

*You have to keep a fake tree at least 10 years to offset the impact⁣

*Real trees are typically replaced and provide watershed and habitat for animals as they grow(likely 10 years)⁣

*Real trees are typically purchased at small family farms that in turn support their communities (importing trees is a big impact)⁣

*Real trees can be recycled, artificial ones can’t ⁣

*One article mentioned that the tree debate is not a critical one considering big impacts of shopping and air travel during the season. ⁣

*Also- other options besides these are⁣ *not buying a tree, renting a tree, buying or taking a used artificial tree, getting a fake tree not made with PVC plastic⁣

We went with going to the farm, having a family experience and picking a real tree this year. ⁣

What are your thoughts? 

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