“It's never too early to start teaching your kids the value of community service. Getting involved in volunteering at a young age can set a life-long pattern of advancing the common good. There are many great opportunities for community service for kids that will expand their social circle, teach them empathy and compassion, and increase their chances of success in life.” United Way


Hi POD Partners! I want to update you on our progress with the PODS (projects of discovery and service). Our prototype boxes are almost finished!! Finding the materials for your first box has been such a fun, creative task that has literally kept me up at night- and has even showed up in my dreams. I really hope that these boxes will dazzle the kids in your life and delight the whole family!

There are so many interesting and deserving organizations that tackle such a variety of topics. How to pick which ones will be included? Of course, if you all find these boxes worthwhile (I know you will!), we will be able to work for many of them!

We are considering many elements, which is why this labor or love takes time (I am not the best at taking the time needed to address all the details so this is a growing exercise for me- so thanks for your indulgence and patience:). Practical logistics and useful crafts are the biggest elements. These family activities need to be beneficial to the organizations and not a surface task- or worse, a burden. We want our kids to see that their time, love, craft skills can really benefit other people that need help so they develop a life long desire to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

We have found a really adorable and fun book by JaNay Brown-Wood and Priscilla Burris that will quickly turn into a family favorite. Counting the people and dishes that come in and out of Grandmas Tiny House will be a way to support people of color financially, while allowing kids of color to see themselves in their books. Kids from all backgrounds benefit from a diverse array of characters. Code Switch from NPR reported that in a previous study, 12 percent of children’s books were written and or illustrated by people of color. Preschool PODS will always include a book supporting people of color.

Burlap coffee bean bags will be in every PODS. Summit Coffee has graciously given us their burlap from their coffee roastery. These bags come from all over the world- from small coffee growing operations from Africa to South America. PODS members will have fun rummaging through their toys to find the perfect one to donate. They will put their donations in these cool bags every quarter. Reusing material while teaching about geography through donating a toy to a kid that can keep the love of a well loved toy alive- just what PODS is all about!

Safe Alliance is a very beneficial organization that gives victims of abuse the things they need to recover and live well. They really need socks of all sizes for their clients. In the Preschool PODS debut box, families will find socks, “stems”, paper and ties to create a sock bouquet to send to Safe Alliance. Check out their mission and all of their hard work here:

I love the concept of “passing it on” when it comes to hope, happiness and kindness. The Giving Keys is an organization that spreads love with their jewelry and employs people coming out of homelessness. Their products target adults. So, with inspiration taken from their model, one of the crafts will be creating a simple friendship bracelet for the kids to keep and pass on to a friend that has been caught being kind, or a friend that needs extra kindness.

We really wanted to include a recipe with foods found at food pantries. However, the legal hoops are a little hazy so this component may be a year two addition. Any ideas on how to make this possible are welcome! Connecting with people through food is one of the best ways to learn about each other.

The design, price, and details are still being figured. But, trust us, surprises are in store! Please keep in touch with us and SHARE SHARE SHARE our links, tell all of your friends and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Talk Soon,


Rachel :

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