As the business establishes itself, it seems to be taking on a different identity. During my initial brainstorm and vision, I was focusing on activities that targeted preschool aged kids because I saw a major gap in the market. As a mother of 3 preschool and younger aged kids, I have found it very hard to volunteer and complete service projects that are age appropriate.

However, as I have researched nonprofits, activities, books, the P.O.D.S. seem to be settling as a total family- centered box. Friends have asked if their older aged kids were too old and I respond with a resounding “No way!”. So it seems as if the name Preschool PODS is not totally representative of what the box is becoming.

As with most anything that Preschoolers are engaging in, caregivers and/or grownups are there to guide, lead, teach and partner with those young minds. A major advantage to working together as a family is bonding and learning about other people while learning about each other.

This is why Preschool P.O.D.S. is now Kind P.O.D.S.

The word “Kind” as an adjective means helpful, benevolent, tender, compassionate. “Kind” used as a noun, means a group of things that have elements in common, or family. The word “kind” is a common word and one that most of us hear or use and don’t think much about it. However, the reaction to someone saying, “be kind” versus “be nice” is different. It strikes a different, softer chord.

In a world of “walls”, “others”, “mine”, it is nice to be able to focus on activities that help us learn, break down barriers, realize the great abundance we have in our hearts and be “kind”.


Thanks for your patience as we settle in to Kind P.O.D.S.

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