Community Revolution

So, y’all, I am going against my own better internet posting judgment but-for better or for worse- this is where we gather nowadays.

My fear is telling me “don’t push post because no-one cares what you have to say, you are stupid, naive, a snowflake, whatever”. But, I want to teach my kids to be bold and vulnerable and speak up when something is on their mind.

David Brooks says, “We bury the faint crackling of our inner fire underneath safer noises and settle for a false life.”. I was inspired to take the next step from listening to a SuperSoul Conversation between him and Oprah, among other various sources. To actually DO something about it.

So here we go, unearthing a crackling that has been burning in me for a while. A notion that we may know in our heads, but one that needs stark and bolded attention…


We Need A Community Revolution.


We are living in fear of literally everything and have the false notion of scarcity. That everything we have will be taken away from us- maybe even from “the others”. We resort to tribalism, picking teams, instead of listening and connecting and being vulnerable. We isolate ourselves- in our heads, our friend groups, our neighborhoods, our schools, our Facebook groups, our phones- instead of reaching out, looking up, looking out. The thing is- if we isolate ourselves, we WILL have everything taken away from us. But, if some way, we can listen and connect we will build trust and change our communities. Connection is the needle and thread. But will we sew?

We constantly worry about letting our kids go out and play by themselves, or dropping them off at school because another mass shooting is looming, or letting them fail or explore. We can’t watch the news because we don’t trust what we see, or feel sick of the stories we hear or fear the next big awful thing- or the next little society tearing thing. We join in generations before us in thinking, “our world is going to hell in a hand basket”.

But then we go on about “Oh we are just so busy” life, complain about all these things over dinner and continue with status quo.

This turmoil we feel is a mirror reflecting back to us in the volatility we see and despise in our current political climate.

So before we can change our politics, we MUST change our community, society, souls.

Every time we judge someone, give in to our stereotypes, say a snarky comment, or a cruel one, write someone off as_______________- we rip our community’s fabric. Each time we chose whats convenient over what is right, whats reflective of “our team” instead of whats best for all of us- we rip our community’s fabric. Whenever we ignore whats wrong- in ourselves, our families, our society- we rip our community’s fabric.

Our choices change the social fabric of this country- sewing us together in a positive way or ripping us apart.

So, in the spirit of the upcoming Independence Day Holiday, I ask you this: Will you pick up a needle and thread and get to work?

What does that even mean?

  • Maybe mending our society’s fabric means being more aware of our judgements

  • Maybe it means introducing ourselves to a stranger

  • Maybe it means giving someone the benefit of the doubt

  • Maybe it means giving someone grace that doesn’t deserve it

  • Maybe it means giving a person begging for money the cash they need without asking where they will spend it

  • Maybe it means call a friend that has wronged us

  • Maybe it means asking for help

  • Maybe it means getting of the computer and phone and going outside

  • Maybe it means asking more questions instead of offering more advise

  • Maybe it means watching a different news outlet

  • Maybe it means donating to a cause

  • Maybe it means looking deeper into a subject that we don’t agree with

  • Maybe it means speaking up when we don’t feel brave


What does repairing our social fabric mean to you?


Maybe its signing a personal pledge… I am. Will you join me?



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