Beautiful Day

Rainy day puddle jumping

Nothing like trying to load up 3 preschoolers in the car for school in the pouring down rain to start the day! ⛈⁣

Morning routines can always feel a little touch and go 😳 but then like a sun ray peeking through the clouds my daughter looked outside at the dark monsoon and said...⁣

“It’s a beautiful day!” ☔️⁣

My first inclination was to act like she was nuts but then I thought - what a lesson! Looking at the bright side- and she didn’t even think twice. #fromthemouthofbabes ⁣

It IS a beautiful day! The plants are getting watered, our car is getting washed, Teddy got to see his dinos on his raincoat change colors- awesome!!⁣

What have your kids said that taught you an unexpected lesson?? 

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