Back to school is the structure we needed to find our flow again.
Summer was(is) so much fun. A little TOO fun. We had a mix of camps and screens and adventures and pool. But stick a fork in us- WE ARE DONE. My whole operating system thrives on flow in a container of structure and Summer just ain't that.
Don't get me wrong, I do love the waking up and doing whatever we feel like we want to do. I am grateful to have the privilege to be able to stay with the kids over the summer because of my job and our financial flexibility. But LORD by the end of August we need the structure and consistency of school. 
It's the same when we think of feminine and masculine energy. These energetic profiles have nothing to do with gender or identity. They are energetic types, adjectives. The feminine is energy that is receiving, being. The masculine type of energy is action, doing. We need both, a balance of both to be healthy and successful in our lives and goals.  When we control and force we are operating in too much masculine energy. When we have no structure, let people run over us, don't set boundaries, we are operating with too much feminine. 
This concept comes up a lot in reiki because there is a theory that the left side of the body is feminine and the right side of the body is masculine. The body can give you an indication about where/what the imbalance may be so you can adjust and experience more wellbeing. Something to consider. 
How can you balance the structure and the flow? The masculine and the feminine energy types? 
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