This box was SO FUN!! Full of my favorite things from my favorite people!! This box was shipped out at the end of June. But, please use this page as a resource and support to dive deeper into the activities and book.

This box is targeted for families and groups with kids ages 2-5 but activities can be adjusted to kids ages up to 10 years old! Please use your creativity and share your ideas! Don’t forget that some parts of the crafts are small. No activity should be completed without adult supervision


Black Boy Joy by Charlitta Hatch

Black Boy Joy is a heart warming ode from a mother to her sweet boy as she watches him grow.

This book usually takes 3-5 minutes to read.

Dive Deeper:

Grownups, reading is a fundamental skill and bonding activity that is an investment in your relationship with your kids. Reading repetitively has been shown to be very beneficial for emerging readers and writers and speakers! Read Black Boy Joy over and over and over :) To go deeper, check out the mission behind the book(linked below).

Conversation Prompts:

  • What problems do you want to fix when you grow up?

  • How are you like the boy in this book?

After your book is well-loved, share this book with a friend! Tell them all you have learned. Maybe even write a note in the cover!

For Older Readers:

Hello all kid readers out there! This sweet book is also fun to practice your reading! Is there a younger kid in your circle you could read to? Little brother or sister in your house? Someone at church or in your community? Maybe you can use Black Boy Joy to orally read at a local story time!

Why is Representation Important?

Authors and Illustrators of color are talented, important and deserve the same exposure as white authors.
is a very impactful movement that advocates for changes in the publishing industry “to produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.” Almost 40% of Americans are people of color but only about 7% of children’s books are written by people of color. Children of color need to see themselves in a variety of characters in stories that are authentically their own. White kids need to experience book characters of color in a variety of roles. Characters that represent a variety of backgrounds and cultures are beneficial for everyone and assists in taking steps for greater understanding and acceptance in our society.





You get these SUPER cute masks, gloves and instructions to make your own cape out of an old tee- ingredients for fun time spent together to help the environment and teach kids the value of being a good citizen of the Earth. Plus- they will also inspire others at the park to pick up trash and #spreadkindness too!

Find an old tee. Lay it flat and cut off the sleeves. Then, cut up the seams not the side. Cut around the neck without cutting the neck. Put on your mask, gloves and cape. Head to your local park, school, church, street, neighborhood and pick up litter! You can reuse your burlap bag to collect too!!

This craft usually takes about 10-15 minutes to create the cape. Litter pick up can be as short or long as you want!! **More instructions in our Instagram Stories under CREATE!




Awareness of other peoples needs and taking responsibility to help, is a skill that can start with young toddlers. The Mister Rogers Parenting Book famously explained that Mister Rogers’ mother told him to “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Just ONE Africa purchases recycled paper bead necklaces crafty women in Kenya at fair trade prices. Then they create bracelet kits. Craftingood (formally Kind P.O.D.S.) purchases those bead kits and YOU string them into bracelets. ALL of the profit from the purchase of the bracelet kits are used fund their Clean Water Program- 200,000 gallons of clean water per bracelet! Pretty Cool!!

For Crafters Not Into Bracelets:

Maybe you don’t wear bracelets. Could you create a key chain? Maybe a napkin ring? Hair twisty? Could you make the bracelet and gift it? Or sell it and donate the profits? Let us know where your creativity takes you!!

This craft usually takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. **More instructions in our Instagram Stories under CREATE!




Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills we nurture in our kids. Awareness of others’ needs and recognizing our own excess is a quick and easy way to build empathy. Not to mention, having less toys and “stuff” is beneficial for children’s creativity and caregivers’ mental health.

Your burlap bag from Summit Coffee is a great conversation starter in and of itself! Each bag likely has a stamp of the country from where it has been. Discuss geography with your kids and discuss the similarities and differences in cultures! Where did your bag travel from??

Conversation Prompts:

Next, explain to your kids that not every family has clothes, toys or books they need to have the same opportunities that your family may have. Ask how they would feel if they didn’t have toys or books. Ask them to select one or more toys, books or clothes that they would like to donate. Have them put those items in their bag. If you have already donated items or prefer to purchase new, buy some fresh books, clothes or toys! Take your kids to the donation center of your choice and have them give the bag. Including children in collecting and donating items will teach them a lifelong awareness.

Project 658

Project 658 is a growing organization that helps families with a variety of programs such as sewing, cooking, childcare, English classes etc. Our burlap donation bags are cut in half and sewn by the talented students learning in their sewing classes.

This activity usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Check out the Walt kids finding their toys here!



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