The COMMITTEE Member Level Monthly Support Experience!

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I see you, high-achieving, sometimes perfectionist, maybe a lil dash of control-freak mama.

You are proud that you are setting an example for your kids, inspiring them with your contributions to your community, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

But you are EXHAUSTED. Your anxiety is spiking and energy is plummeting. You know your potential but living up to it feels impossible right now. COVID has added insult to injury and now you are left wondering where is your support group, childcare backup, restful sleep, and wellbeing!!

The Craftingood COMMITTEE to the rescue!! Here you will find exactly what you need to bring you back to yourself, find your energy and passion again, and gain the confidence and balance you need to manage all of your exciting(and not so exciting) commitments- all along side of mamas that understand where you are coming from and comfort you by letting you know you are not alone!

C - Creativity, Community, Curiosity, Compassion, Coaching

O - Open-heartedness and Open-mindedness

M - Mindfulness

M - Mentoring 

I -  Inclusion and Individuality

T - Togetherness

T -  Tools

E - Energetics and Balance

E - Emotional Regulation

Join your new besties in The most fun & supportive COMMITTEE you have ever been on with a build in excuse to take care of yourself without the guilt. Set boundaries with ease because you simply say, " I need to work on my COMMITTEE stuff" or "Oh sorry, I have a COMMITTEE meeting!" :D

You have two choices for your experience depending on what you need!

1. The COMMITTEE Member Level Experience Includes: 

Community Forum
1 Live Support Meeting/Mo
Self Care & Kindness Tools Library with 100+ tools to use yourself and with your family!
Q & A
Discounts on Craftingood Products
The Parent's Permission Slip
Giving Back- the nap ministry

Local Meetups



*This is billed monthly. Cancel anytime. Stay and play as long as you want!

When you sign up and purchase, you will receive an email confirmation of purchase. Then you will receive the invitation from The COMMITTEE. Please contact us with questions!