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Give your kids a place for their worries! We all worry sometimes and when we ignore them they grow so big they take over our hearts. Having a place for your worries helps you and your kids move the anxious energy out of your heart and also gives you a chance to support each family member with what is on their mind. 

This printable helps you and your kids get their worries out and decide if the worries can be controlled or helped. It also gives a place to look at their worried thoughts to see if they are true, helpful, or kind. If the answer is YES, plant them in your heart. If the answer is NO- blow them away.  

Print this and post it in a high trafficked area with a crayon near- one for each family member or have one as a family. You can even laminate them with a dry erase to reuse indefinite and as an eco-friendly option. Or put it in a journal.


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